What documents may be required?

In order to speed up the whole process, it would be the best if you can prepare these information / documents:

  • Professional Email Address (ISP / Work Email / Government / Universities)
  • Landline number (For safer and swift shipping service)
  • Copy of Driver License / Passport / Univeristy ID Card
  • Utility Bill, Electricity Bill or Water Bill

Our customer service team may approach you for these documents so that we can provide a smooth delivery process.

In cases those documents or information are not available to you, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible, they will try to resolve the issue with you.

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    Ray Perkins

    Phone 02 6882 5217
    licence No C73952
    can I order the Sony Alpha A65 camera and the Tamron A F 18mm - 200mm lens compatable with it.

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